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Whats up guys? Welcome to my blog. Here you’ll find information on some of the projects I’ve done or am currently working on, as well as a blog with all of the random thoughts that come into my head. Which is a lot.

Why Did I Want to Become an Entrepreneur?

I’ve always dreamed of being an entrepreneur. I remember as a kid dreaming up an arcade where you could play games, eat food, and hang out. I thought it would be such a hit.

I never opened it.

Becoming an entrepreneur seemed so natural to me as a kid, and it has always been a part of me in a way. I just really enjoy the thought of creating things for other people to enjoy and hopefully bringing value to their life.

The world only advances when people come up with something new, and I wanted to be a part of that. I have never been happy with the status quo, and like to push all kinds of boundaries (sorry, family).

I suppose on some level I also loved the idea of the glory and fame it could bring. I don’t think that was the main reason, but who am I kidding, I do enjoy attention.

Why Didn’t I Pursue My Dream?

Something held me back from this my whole life, and I started pushing it to the back of my mind.

Instead, I went to college in a “safe” profession and became an engineer. I completely ignored everything entrepreneurial, and graduated and went into a field I didn’t particularly love at a company I wasn’t all that in to.

I suppose part of the reason I did this was because of fear. We’re all afraid of some level of failure, public embarrassment, or losing money. I definitely had a problem with this back then. My self confidence was never rock solid, and I didn’t come from money.

But the other reason I think was deeper than I knew, and I wasn’t even aware of it. Since probably 2011, I’ve noticed something has felt more and more off internally. Eventually, I discovered and experienced a slew of problems that threw my life into turmoil.

I’m certain that there was more to these that I realized and that I had been experiencing the effects of these health problems my whole life, which subtly affected my decisions.

Facing My Dream

Eventually, I had enough and I went for it. In September 2014, I left my well paying job to pursue becoming an entrepreneur. I wasn’t even sure what that really meant, how it applied to me, or how I would do it, but I knew I had to try. YOLO, as they say.

I wasn’t going to live my life in regret.

So, over the past two years I’ve been learning and immersing myself in the world of entrepreneurs to figure out how I can be a part of it. I wanted the freedom from time and money that they all had, and I wanted to be proud of my work in a way that corporate life couldn’t provide.

My Past and Current Projects

When I quit my job, I knew I had to continue to make some money somehow. So I took up some part time work, such as driving for Uber, teaching some piano lessons, and doing some other random online jobs.

The first entrepreneurial thing I tried when I quit was personal training. I figured with so much to figure out with my health, I ought to at least be able to help other people as well. That was harder than I thought, and after attempting to do 1-on-1 training, I moved on to trying a bootcamp.

Both never really took off.

I discovered through this process, however, that I liked to write. So I tried becoming a freelance writer and tried to find anything I could within that realm. That did OK, I made at least a little bit of money.

Then, a buddy of mine helped me out and hired me to help out with his business and projects. I ended up diving into the world of SEO, his expertise, and learning a ton. I worked for his SEO agency and then went on to help him start his new pet project, a travel rewards blog.

This proved to be an awesome experience, learning platform, and a lot of fun. I’m still working with him, and our project is called UpgradedPoints.com.

While working on that, I came across an opportunity to take a class and learn how to start an ecommerce website that used Facebook marketing. This is what I am currently doing, and I am finally happy to call myself an entrepreneur.

I know this will bring the steady cash flow I need to be able to pay my bills and clear my debts.

Future Project: Music Lessons, a YouTube Channel, and Growing a Real Business

Lets be honest, I never dreamed of just making money. While I really do want to make money over my lifetime, the idea wasn’t just to make an ecommerce website and become a marketer to make money.

Nonetheless, it works.

But my real passion was to create something. I wanted to make something useful, using skills I had built over my life and with something I was a bit more passionate about. The big idea: create a resource to help people learn how to play piano and music in general.

Thus, my site A Little Off Beat was born. It is a music resource, lessons, and blog site. It is accompanied by a YouTube channel and I hope to create a high quality and fun place for people to go and learn music, because I find so many people that wished they could play music.

My Personal Blog

And of course, here I am on my personal blog. I started this because I just wanted a place to get out all the other thoughts I have in my head. I found that writing really helps me do that, so may as well make it into a useful resource for other people.

I promise to try to only post things that someone might find useful, and not just post every little thought in my head. I think that’s a bit overdone.

So, go ahead and check out the Blog page to see what I have going on, or check out the latest posts or categories in the sidebar.

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